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July 8

Microverse is a school that finds the most talented individuals in the world, trains them in software engineering while they work as part of a distributed team and connects them with remote jobs.

At Microverse, there are no classes or physical classrooms. Instead, students learn using a very unique approach — by remote pair programming and collaborating with other students in real time, just as they would with colleagues if they were part of a distributed team in a real company.

We have full-time students in 50+ countries and 10,000 applicants per month from 200 countries. Among those applicants, we select the top 0.3% and don't charge them anything until they get a job.


Job Description:


We are looking for a Student Success (SS) team member with strong technical skills, project management experience and multi-cultural awareness to serve as the strategic, empathetic and operational champion to drive student satisfaction and Program completion for our 100% online student population.

The Student Success team is responsible for assisting with the development, implementation, and assessment of processes, services, initiatives, programs and software aimed at empowering students toward successful Program completion and retention.

We currently operate in over 40+ countries! With that comes countless diverse journeys (including the difficulties) that lead our students to us. The SS team provides a variety of student support services such as problem-solving, motivational support, life coaching, partner communication resolution, early ‘crisis’ intervention, etc. to students from all countries, cultures, family situations, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We do not succeed unless our students succeed (no really - we don’t get paid until our student’s find a job!), so we provide a vast support system necessary to solve any challenges our students face so they can graduate our Program no matter what. This is an opportunity to shape an early-stage company and be part of a movement whose goal is to connect millions of people with global opportunities regardless of where they are.


Duties and Responsibilities:


- Understand the student journey deeply and advocate for the student in every decision implemented

- Design solutions for systems to proactively identify and report student issues or progress in automated ways

- Work strategically to automate support for communication and synergy of services for students

-Identify, create, and implement efficiencies across the unit which will enable the student population to scale quickly.

- Help create and maintain a constantly positive, motivated and understanding environment where students feel comfortable approaching us with their problems and know we will work to solve them.

- Be empathetic to every student no matter their diverse background, and look for cultural insight into the problem to get a better understanding when necessary.

- Use student interactions to find trends, create a hypothesis, experiment and measure results.

- Manage and improve motivational initiatives/programs such as the Mentorship, Technical Support Engineer, and Lunch & Learn programs.

Propose ideas and implement ways to measure and increase student satisfaction and motivation.

- Act as a liaison between Student Success and Curriculum Director to adequately prepare for, measure, and document curriculum changes and impact on the student experience.


Education, Skills, and Experience:


- Knowledge, experience, interactions, and understanding of the cultural norms and difficulties of individuals in developing countries

- Strong technical, PM and software development skills

- Ability to work with a diverse group of individuals

- Dynamic with strong written and verbal communication and organizational skills

- Data-driven, process-oriented with strong analytical skills

- Empathetic in every situation presented

- Self-starting with the ability to effectively work autonomously, proactively, and humbly with little oversight

- Dedicated, flexible with a willingness to experiment


You ideally...


- Are mission-driven

- Are located in the European/African or Americas timezones

- Have been called a “life coach” by many of your friends and family

- Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills

- Have lived in other cultures/countries

- Have previous experience in educational organizations

- Have been called a good listener by many people in your life

- Have experience working remotely

- Have prior startup experience

- Have some experience with software development

- Have used tools such as Zapier and Airtable


The team


- Our team is distributed all around the world

- You will report directly to the Director of Student Success

- You will work with the Admissions Director, the Student Success team, the Curriculum team, Code Reviewers, and Career Coaches.


How to apply


- Send us a short paragraph telling us why you think you are a great fit for this position and include the word "fireplace" just to make sure that you read the entire job description :)


* The position is a full-time remote position.

Microverse is an equal opportunity employer and acts in this capacity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.


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