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July 6

Codecov provides comprehensive code coverage tools to nearly a million software developers all over the world, from marquee open source projects to the largest global companies. Our mission is to create the best tools possible to help all development teams trust one another and the code that they write, in the past, present and future.

As a Solutions Engineer at Codecov you will work closely with Codecov's engineering and business teams to help facilitate the ongoing success of some of our largest customers. You will serve as a point of contact for some of the most innovative SaaS, ride-sharing, entertainment, and telecom companies in the world; and will be their internal advocate throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

You possess the following skills and background:

* At least 3 years experience in a software development role with customer facing responsibilities.

* Mastery of english, both spoken and written.

* Some experience with the following topics: code testing, software development, source control, CI/CD pipelines

* Nice to have: past experience in a remote / partially remote / non-physical office environment.

You should expect your day to day responsibilities to consist of:

* Daily communication with Codecov's largest and most high value customers, typically via Slack, email, and video conferencing.

* Daily prioritization, organization, and researching of customer issues to provide timely and efficient solutions to problems whenever possible.

* Frequent management of end user expectations around delivery timelines, status updates, etc.

* Interaction with Codecov's engineering team to share customer issues, transfer knowledge, and align expectations.

* Synthesizing user needs into requirements and specifications the engineering team can use to inform product-related decision making.

You are likely a good fit for this role if you:

* Care deeply about the relationship between a product and its users.

* Believe strongly in the importance of world class customer support and relish frequent, open communication with end users.

* Enjoy translating customer issues and feature requests into requirements that are actionable by an engineering team.

* Have a passion for developer tools and feel strongly about their importance in improving developer experience.

* Are comfortable with occasional travel, both nationally and internationally.

* Enjoy going deep on complex systems and explaining those systems to non-experts.

What you will NOT do in this role:

* Make regular source code level contributions to the Codecov product.

* Scope or plan individual tasks for an engineering team.


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