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July 6


We are a young, lean, seed-funded AngelPad company looking for an amazing WordPress front-end developer to join our team and help build the supporting sites for our product Process Street.

We are well-funded, growing quickly and are close to breaking even.

We have 100+ Fortune 1000 companies and 10s of thousands of SMBs on the platform.


Process Street is the first truly bottom-up process and workflow management platform positioned to take down old behemoths like MS Sharepoint.


First, we have the product site, the home page, product page, pricing page, etc. We want to run many experiments on these pages, test variations, funnels, etc.

We have a WordPress blog that gets 100,000+ views per month with all sorts of landing pages, and custom templates.

Finally, we have the help site, the knowledge base for the product.





You will be working on these WordPress sites, building and designing functionality to improve traffic, conversion rates, and other key site metrics.

You will work with senior engineers and experienced marketers to grow a large property into a giant one.


- Self-taught programmer from a young age

- Full-stack WordPress programmer and designer

- Keen eye for design and skills with Adobe, Sketch or other graphics tools

- Strong PHP knowledge

- Looking to learn from experienced developers and startup founders

- A hard worker and self-starter (read HUNGRY)

- An expert at self-learning on the web and a relentlessness to continue hacking at a problem all night until its solved, just for the rush of figuring it out for yourself

You should also have:

- 1+ years WordPress experience

- 1+ years PHP experience

- 1+ years CSS experience

- 1+ years Sketch / Adobe CC experience

- A degree in CS or equivalent


- Experience running A/B tests

- Experience designing marketing funnels

- Experience configuring and managing Google Analytics


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