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June 7

What if we could :

Create a marketplace, where developers can sell "app templates" for makers to clone and create new apps .

Automatically set up a development environment, completely in the cloud, with a hot reloadable embedded preview, and the best cloud IDE on the market (Monaco Editor).

Make the IDE collaborative so that multiple people could work on code simultaneously, just like Google Docs.

Make it possible to have Visual Customization Controls (VCCs) that allow graphical abstraction of hypervariables, making it fast and easy to customize the app clone (without even touching code).

Make deployment of full-stack Progressive Web Apps effortless, so that even non-techies can do it, with all kinds of sugar (custom domains, subdomains, plugin injection, automatic submission to aggregators and app stores, etc.)

Create a community of developers (making app templates) and makers (cloning app templates and making apps).

Well, we have!  It's called Koji, and it is growing.

We are looking for more developers to join our community and :

Create new app templates

Help makers (via collaboration) to modify or extend existing templates to meet their needs

This is just the beginning.  Here are the current templates : https://gokoji.com/templates


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