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June 4

At Rocaccion we are creating the next generation IoT solution from end to end. We make the hardware, firmware and all the related backend software.

We are looking for talented Ruby or Python developer that is advocate for solving problems in those languages, and be proficiency writing microservices using different architectures.

Every team gets to choose its own stack, based on what would best solve the problem, and we are always eager to learn new things. Our preferred programming language is Go, but we have projects working with other languages too (including Ruby, JavaScript, Rust and Python)


    Advanced English (It will be part of the evaluation)

    Comfortable working remotely

    Fully familiar with Continuous Integration

    2+ years of experience writing code as a senior programmer or lead

    A ruthless commitment to test the code he writes

    Willing to learn new things

    Have worked with agile methodology

    Base their development on control tools for projects such as Jira, YouTrack or VSTS.

Nice to have:

    Handling (and demonstrating) backend languages, such as Python, Ruby, C#, C.

    Databases (MongoDb, PostgressDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, RockDB, InfluxDB, or others)

    Development style Twelve-Factor App

    Javascript (ReactJS, AngularJS), HTML5, CSS3. Web Assembly is a plus.


    Some scripting language, preferable Unix like Bash.

    CI / CD and Git tools


    Profiling, monitoring and logging tools

What are you will be doing:

Write new microservices for the platform that help to improve the performance or add new features

Profiling existing microservices for improve their performance

Write tons of tests for validate the functionality


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