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June 2

So in addition at being a Python Whizz, you're enamoured with geometries. You've probably got into it via gaming, science visualization or 3D printing. Whatever it is, you know blender and other 3D tools on the backend like the back of your hand. You may have done some work with manual design (CAD systems) but that's less important for us. You'll be busy with tasks that sit at the intersection between the geometry and the pure backend system:

- integrate mesh healing algorithms into Authentise

- capture native files from CAD systems, including orientation and support, and represent them accurately in Authentise

- Export multiple geometries as a single 3MF files

You'll be taking on a lead in a fast paced, professional but small development team capable of giving you real break with tangible learning and great feedback: in all a much more exciting prospect than being a junior in a corner of a big office who nobody trusts with anything.


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