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May 11


Proficient in enterprise LAN/WLAN/WAN technologies (P2P, P2S,S2S,MPLS, VPN, IPSec and Express route)

Networking construct familiarity with VNet, Subnets, firewalls, NSGs, DNS, LDAP

Routing (UDR, Azure Route tables and Route Table policies)

F5, Paul Alto Firewall, Application Gateway, Azure Layer 4 load balancers

Azure ARM, Powershell/CLI scripting

Infrastructure Services VM and Storage

Responsible for implementing all HiTrust controls that are identified as gaps in the assessment

Build of IaaS resources VM s, storage accounts, networks, environments using ARM templates

8+ years of experience in networking & infrastructure

5+ years of experience in Azure cloud

2+ years of experience in Hi Trust controls


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