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May 8

What you’ll do:

- You will be participating heavily in the development for the Kodable game. Kodable is multi-platform with a main codebase written in JavaScript using Cocos2d-X. We have production deployments for Web and iOS that routinely get 10s of thousands of users a day.

- You’ll direct development of all game-related features. Working directly with the CTO to ensure a seamless experience with all platforms.

- You'll work directly with top-tier artists and game designers to build and deploy new features and games

Who we’re looking for:

- You have 1+ years JavaScript development experience in a production environment

- You have 1+ years experience in game development

- You care deeply about programming education

- You have contributed significantly to the release of a production-level game (preferably not a side-project, something with actual users)

- You have experience with APIs and interfacing with server-side code (saving/loading data, offline syncing, etc)

Highly Preferable if:

- You have experience with Cocos2d (any variant)

- You have experience working with a game framework in a production environment (JavaScript preferred, Unity/Unreal do not count)

- You have experience experience building multi-platform games

- You have experience experience with Test-Driven Development

Bonus Points if:

- You have built your own REST API

- You know COBOL


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