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October 2

We are doing a remote project for which we need to collect recordings from over one hundred people. It will last for about two weeks with about 10 hours of work each week. You can record from the comfort of your home or office. Requirements are:

• 18 years or older

• Have access to an iPhone 6 or newer

• Have an Australian accent

If you are interested, please email Albulena Shabani at [email protected] or use the link here to apply : https://issworld.isoftstone.com/JobDescription/tabid/104/jobid/12015/title/Speech?fbclid=IwAR1dOoNpKvZ7gOgr_7xZAdVQQBGDZn1i2SUFAKGRrULRKRwCrybTKYmViA0

The salary is 0.16 dollars per qualified utterance and the participants should record at least 3000 - 3500 utterances.


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