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September 2

Our client is a fast growing provider of messaging and commerce solutions for automotive dealers is looking for passionate and creative developers to join our team to build the next generation of automotive commerce technology. You will work directly with our wonderful development team to support our existing technology and build the future of automotive.

This is a full-time position. Very fun work environment with a team that is passionate about learning and delivering great software products. It s important that you fit with the team and culture, as we work closely together on a daily basis.

Our technology involves real-time service for hundreds of thousands of visitors 24/7. As a back-end developer you'll work primarily with PHP. There will be opportunities to work with other technologies such as NodeJS, React, Python and more. Our system is high-load providing challenging problems and requiring creative solutions.

Good knowledge of PHP

Experience with some modern PHP Frameworks

Experience with front-end (Javascript, HTML, CSS)

Experience building and interfacing with APIs (REST, RESTful, RPC, SOAP)

Experience with database design and optimization (MySQL, PostreSQL, Clickhouse, MongoDB)

Understanding of Agile principles and culture

You know how to use Redis

You've written something in NodeJS before

You used Amazon Services extensively

You understand TDD


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