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August 24

***Generate new pipeline***

- Get introductions from your existing network to prospects that fit our ideal customer profile (marketing leaders at high-growth software companies)

- Send personalized emails to prospects that fit our ideal customer profile based on signals indicating a need for our services

- Prospect for new buyers through multiple channels including online communities, social media, email, phone, hosted events, partnerships and other creative approaches

- Collaborate with the marketing team to target and engage the target market

***Close new customers***

- Work to understand the buyer’s situation, perspective, needs and goals

- Work with internal editorial resources to define a recommended solution that is tailored to the buyer

- Price solutions based on cost and margin models, historical project data and collaboration with editorial production management

- Engage prospects frequently with relevant and valuable messages

- Tell prospects our company story and share examples of how we’ve helped our customers

- Create proposals and contracts based on our existing templates

- Negotiate contract and payment terms to achieve a win-win outcome

***Create and close expansion opportunities from our customer base***

- Collaborate with the editorial and project management teams to receive signals when an existing customer needs more content produced

- Build rapport with existing customers and offer them content strategy advice on a monthly basis

- Work with the editorial team to come up with story pitches and ideas for how customers can use our services more to achieve their growth goals

***Report on progress and expectations***

- Report on a regular cadence to provide marketing, management and editorial production with insights into pipeline growth, deal progression, anticipated resourcing requirements and goal attainment

- Provide feedback to marketing and management on quality of deals sourced through different channels

- Offer insights and recommendations into deal quality, velocity, trends, pricing strategy and product-market fit


***What we’re looking for***

- Domain expertise: You are well-versed in content marketing and can advise marketing leaders on effective content strategy.

- A network of tech marketing leaders: You have a “rolodex” of marketing leaders that you can sell to and ask for introductions.

- Creative hustle: You don’t just copy and paste the same cold email and hope for the best. You have a track record of creative sales tactics.

- Communication skills: You speak and write clearly and respond to emails quickly.

- Process-oriented: You know how to manage a pipeline and focus on activities that yield the best results, and have a sales framework that helps you keep up to date and report on pipeline.

- Values-alignment: You believe in our mission and want to work at a company committed to social justice (even if it requires sacrificing personal and corporate profit at times).

*** To Apply ***

Please fill out the form linked below and upload your resume and a one page document describing why you are the right person for the job when prompted. In the one page pitch we are looking for candidates who match the “What we’re looking for” section. Specifically we want to know about your content marketing experience, your professional network, and examples of how you’ve creatively created sales pipeline in the past.



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