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August 11

A Bit About Us

myZone Media provides event professionals with ticketing, marketing, printing, and software development services. Our long-term vision (BHAG) is to become the world’s largest event automation software platform. Our brands include myZone.com, ticketZone.com, Am2Studio.hr and several more. Our biggest active project includes the global roll-out of www.GlowGardens.com. While we do our best to stay focused on the events industry, we serve clients in a broad range of industries including eCommerce, technology, industrial, healthcare, and not-for-profit. You can read more about our company at www.myzone.com.

Our Work Environment

myZone works in a results-only work environment (ROWE) so you are provided flexibility in setting your own hours and optionally working from home. Additional benefits of ROWE include no tracking of sick days or vacation time. We were inspired by Dan Pink’s Ted Talk on the science of motivation, and believe that an intrinsically motivated team is the best way to solve the problems of the 21st century (ie: we don’t use carrots or sticks!).

Our Core Values

Having worked in the events & entertainment industry since 2002, we don’t like to take on projects unless they are fun ;) We think big, and have plans to disrupt every industry that we enter. We’re obsessed with operational efficiencies and making things better. We’re constantly pursuing personal and professional development. The world (especially in the technology industry) is changing exponentially faster every year, and our team takes pride in being flexible while responding to new opportunities.

Overview: We are looking to hire a full-time Glow Garden Event Sponsorship Manager to support the expansion of Christmas Glow. With 9+ locations in 2019, we expect approximately 1.6 million people to attend the events, 20 million unique website visitors, and over 5 million followers engaging on Glow's social media platforms. The opportunities for brands and/or agencies to partner with Glow are endless, with the potential to make a big impact on client sales during the critical time of the year holiday season.

About Christmas Glow: Christmas Glow first launched in 2017 near Vancouver, Canada, and guests were captivated by the event. Two years later, Glow’s become one of the world’s largest indoor Christmas festivals, brightening up 9+ cities in 3 countries. Join the joyous 1.6 million guests ready to Glow and celebrate the warmth of the season! It’s all the magic and wonder of an outdoor festival, hosted inside our cozy and spacious venue.

***Note: We are specifically looking for Vancouver based candidates for this remote role.***

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for the acquisition and management of all sponsorships for Glow, including but not limited to:

-Preparing sales materials such as sponsorship letters, sales decks, and presentations.

-Lead generation and referrals for potential sponsors and partnership opportunities.

-Pitching corporate sponsorship opportunities to brands and ad agencies that align with Glow.

-Closing sales deals.

-Drafting contracts and agreements for sponsors.

-Various account management responsibilities including maintaining relationships with current sponsors and ensuring that their expectations are being met.

Requirements of Applicants:

-5+ years sales experience, selling advertising to big brands directly or via ad agencies.

-Event sponsorship experience is a plus!

-A positive, ego-free attitude and willingness to work creatively on new ideas.

-Proven track record maintaining positive relationships with ad agencies, clients and colleagues.

-Ability to develop effective working relationships with co-workers and clients.

-Strong communication skills in English.

-Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment... and we mean fast ;)

Application Video

In the video please introduce yourself and why you’re a great fit for this role.

The video should be one minute or less and should be uploaded to YouTube. If you don’t want other people to find it, mark it as unlisted. Don’t mark it as private or disallow embedding, or we won’t be able to see it.

The video should contain nothing except for you talking. No screenshots or postproduction wizardry please; we don’t want this to turn into a video making contest.

Please do not recite a script written beforehand. Just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend. People delivering memorized speeches (or worse still, text read off the screen) usually come off as robotic. Unless you’re a good enough actor to fake spontaneity, you lose more in the stilted delivery than you gain from a more polished message.

Most importantly, have fun with this (bonus points for creativity)! It is an opportunity for us to get to know you better!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this opportunity! Unfortunately, due to the number of applications that we receive, we are not able to contact everyone who applies. However, all applications are all stored in our talent database and will be considered for future opportunities.

Please apply here directly. We will not be answering direct emails. Thank you!



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