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August 7

Camino is a software layer that powers Cities, Counties, Towns, and other agencies as they experience growing populations and intricate regulation and policy. We are building a System of Intelligence that enables these agencies to drastically shift how Citizens engage with rules and regulations. Whether you’re looking to start a business, remodel a home, or just get a parking permit, agencies can use Camino to automate and streamline these processes. Our customers love our product and we’re feeling the pains of demand. That’s why we’re now expanding our engineering team.

We’ll look to you to:

- Participate in planning features and roadmaps

- Lead technical and architecture sessions and objective documents

- Assess and maintain a high bar for technical aptitude in new hires

- Evaluate and execute on new technologies

- Push for and introduce more best-practices into our technology stack

By working with us you’ll have an opportunity to:

- Introduce automation into some of the most complex workflows

- Build a highly-modular, core system of record for cities from the ground up (think a new Salesforce or Jira)

- Play a role in developing new models for interaction between governments and citizens

- Build software that is used on a daily basis by both citizens and government officials

Our tech stack:

- We deploy all services using Docker & Elastic Beanstalk on AWS.

- Our server-side services run using Ruby and Node and some Python within AWS Lambda. We use a lot of Rails for now.

- Our client-side application is a SPA written in React and its ecosystem.

- We use a combination of Postgres, PostGIS, and ElasticSearch for storage destinations.

- Our philosophy is to build with what we know and expand based on who we hire. Know something awesome? We'd probably enjoy working with it!

A strong candidate will have or show:

- 5+ years industry experience

- Demonstrated ability to develop cloud-based applications

- Experience leading teams through successful software deployments

- Familiarity with some or all of our current tech stack

- A growth mindset with the energy to scale our team!

We have a HQ in San Mateo but support remote work. We believe location should not get in the way of working with great people!


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