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July 18

Who we can count on to:


PPC Google Ads and Retargeting, Lead Gen LinkedIn ads, FB ads to Education Groups

Website optimization using Google Analytics, Google Optimize A/B testing and SEO. Coordinate with engineers to make changes to the website.

Create data-driven conference banners and collaborate in collaboration with sales team and iterate on value prop. Attend some conferences to develop best practices for conference success.

Coordinate and track results of webinars. Perform outbound email campaigns and ads to bring in leads to webinars and coordinate handovers to sales team.

Testing out additional channels such as Twitter, Snail Mail and Bing Ads and creating data-driven decisions about the effectiveness of these channels.

Ability to Manage Content Marketing and advise on articles for writers to work on.

Collaborate: Work with our CEO and sales team to build out marketing from scratch.

Learn: Deep product knowledge, Higher Education, Digital and offline marketing techniques.

Improve: Demand Gen -> Revenue -> Growth.


1 month

- Set up GA, analytics and running ads on major channels

- Beginning collaboration

- Learn all internal tools

- Understand and speak eloquently about the product

3 month

- Running successful ad campaigns on multiple channels and have data on LTV/CAC metrics

- Performed significant A/B testing on website and value props and have iterated messaging with success.

- Responsible for coordinating effective content marketing campaigns and have the ability to measure impact on SEO.

- Fluent in the product and Higher Education terminology.

6 months:

- Get involved with hiring and growing the team by evaluating/interviewing candidates

- Help hire, train and manage new marketing folks

- Building out scalable processes for marketing org

- Ad channels are autonomous, effective and metrics for CAC/LTV are well tracked across the board.


September 8

July 5

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