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July 18

Jumper.ai is a conversational commerce platform that helps brands to build a direct relationship with customers and increase conversions by offering customers the means to checkout and pay in chat.

We are looking for a Performance-driven Marketing/Growth Lead with a past experience working in a SaaS in the e-commerce/Martech domain with ACV ~ $500-$10,000

Roles and Responsibilities:

We are looking for a candidate who has experience across the following:

1. Demand generation - build a strong strategy for demand generation and acquisition marketing (across Search, Social, Content, Paid, Email, Referral and Partner channels)

2. Data tracking and analytics: Measure data and performance across acquisitions channels, customer journey, dashboard.

3. Conversion rate and Revenue optimisation: Track and measure acquisition channels against CLV, optimise pages, onboarding and product for activation and conversion.

4. Manage MQL to SQL deal flow - build funnels for the qualification of different customer segments and automate upsell opportunities for internal sales and account management teams.

5. Proactively allocate and manage marketing budgets and outputs as per quarterly revenue goals.

6. Manage team and consultants.

MUST have Requirements:

1. Past experience in a fast-growth SaaS startup.

2. Past experience managing marketing goals against revenue targets.

3. Sharp eye for understanding market trends

4. Some understanding of design & user psychology and how they relate to performance and conversion

5. Strong written English.

6. Minimum 3 years experience.

- Ok to relocate to Singapore.


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