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July 10

# We NolymitAI tech startup at Silicon Valley has already helped all of our interns obtain good jobs at several top tech companies ( Apple, IBM, HP and so on ) in U.S. and China.


Just recently, our foreign student intern majoring computer science in U.S. university got the job offers from several famous U.S. companies with lots of special help from our Silicon Valley Nolymit startup founding team, one of the offer is given by one Silicon Valley startup. They have done internship at other companies before doing the internship with our NolymitAI team, but the strong recommendation from our startup founding team leader Helen who has great reputation in her profession played important role in helping our interns obtain the above job offers. Meanwhile, they also enjoyed working with the respectful and highly experienced Nolymit startup team.

# You should learn more about the the world leading-edge

AI multilingual software robots technology and products designed and engineered by our team at Silicon Valley on Nolymit.com

# Rewards for the interns who have successfully completed this internship:


* Nolymit app founding team members with world top tech company experiences will provide work experience references for you;

* If you want to use this internship to apply for credits at your college, we will support you on this;

* Nolymit app founding team will help you obtain internship or job at other tech companies in Silicon Valley area. We already know several specific positions opened by several tech companies and we know the hiring managers for these positions.

*You will gain lots of experiences related to the next wave of the mobile and web: Artificial intelligence technologies;

* After successfully completing this internship, you may be selected as the early employee or co-founder by this rising Silicon Valley Nolymit tech startup;

*For the foreign students who need H1B Visa sponsorship to stay in U.S., if you are selected as the early employee or co-founder of Nolymit, our startup will try best to help you obtain U.S. Green Card or H1B visa.

*For the tech startup equity and financial rewards for each hour you work for Nolymit: It will depends on your past professional achievements experiences or the results of your internship time at Nolymit startup;

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